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. The documentary one “To test Mozart” diffused in January on ARTE and of many European chains and in which Tomatis is well represented is envisaged on the BBC with the autumn 2006 in its English version.
. The editions Robert LAFONT recently decided into 2006 to republish two books of Professor Tomatis which were exhausted, namely “Why Mozart” and “We all are born Polyglottes”.
. January 2006: Opening of 200 new centers in Poland. After having consulted the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of the Ear of Warsaw, of which excel it work since years with the Tomatis method drew its attention, the Ministry for Education Polonaise established the Tomatis Method in 200 of its centers Psycho Pédagogiques, and thanks to a co-financing of the EEC. Press conference in Warsaw and presentation of the results at the end of September 2006.
. October 2005: Gerard Depardieu, returns in the Tomatis center of Paris, 40 years after his first visit with immense professor Tomatis.Cet actor came to test the new electronic ear. He briefly returned on his course with the method and the assistance that this one had brought to him as well to the beginning of its career as when he had to play of the roles in English in the Nineties.



. 2006, year of the 250ème birthday of the birth of Mozart, many articles and emissions on the music of Mozart. These articles speak about the Tomatis method.
Alfred Tomatis had been one of the pioneers in the use of the music of Mozart, not as such but of course as a source for the correct operation of the Electronic Ear.
- ARTE Friday January 13, 2006 with 23h20, the documentary one TO TEST MOZART: Images of files and interview of A. TOMATIS, visits in various centers Tomatis (Vienna, Paris, Hamburg) and in Salzburg to record a four-bit byte of Mozart with and without Electronic Ear
- Newspaper TV F2 20H00 Tuesday January 24 Images of center TOMATIS of Paris.


- FRANCE INTER, Thursday January 12, 2006 with 9h00, the emission COFFEE BAZAAR: topic the VOICE. Guest Valerie Drouot, director of the center Tomatis Paris.
- France INTER 1117ème file of Street of the Contractors, Didier Adès and Domenica Dambert, 09h10 with 10h00, Saturday February 12, 2005. Foreign languages and universalization…
Guest (E) Katalin Millio Directing Associated Tomatis Frequencies Paris Languages.


. Some articles lately published in the press:
- The Out of the ordinary one of the EXPRESS TRAIN January-February 2006, the guide of professional mobility: So that English is a problem never again > p 63
- The weekly magazine the EXPRESS TRAIN of the 22/12/2005 devotes 52 pages on Mozart. To see the article “Musicothérapie”, sonata on ordinance, by Paola Genone.
- Time Magazine of Monday January 9, 2006
- The review the world of the Music
- The magazine the New Factory from the 10 to February 16, 2005: “I finally succeeded in having a command of a language. p 99.100. To intend to include/understand. One does not reproduce although what one hears well.”
- The daily newspaper Release of Saturday September 11, 2004: “Two ears not similar: If you tighten the ear, especially, tighten the maid. Because, in spite of their apparent symmetry, both are not worth.” >



. The 5th International Symposium Ostéopathique of Nantes, whose topic was “multi-field Approach of the disorders of adolescence” programmed an intervention on the Tomatis method.

Effectiveness & results


. In France, the training courses for the languages, listening and the voice, the communication, are dealt with by the vocational training (employees, managers of company). To note the introduction of the DIF in 2005 (20 H of formation by paid and per annum).
. The study of the European Union within the framework of the program Socrates (audio-lingua project) between 1993 and 1995 in 7 European universities validated the Tomatis system with a saving of time of 50% (capacity of comprehension and oral expression).
. The Eurocopter study carried out between 1989 and 1995 out of 580 people: the Tomatis method, a technique which allows a profit of 100 H of formation.



. In France, the AFDAS deal with the Tomatis course in the approved Tomatis centers, for the professionals of the spectacle and of audio-visual (intermittent and permanent of the spectacle for the music, the song and the voice, languages).


. A Member State of the EEC, Poland, established the method within National Education in 200 centers in all the country, with a cofinancing of the European Union, at the end of 2005.
. Mexico integrated the Tomatis method in schools of the public office in 2004.



. The insurances health of certain foreign countries refund whole or part of the Tomatis course. The United States, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Sweden for the stress…

  HYGIENE . To finish, the goods gestures for a hygiene of the ear:
Secretions of the auditory canal are called cerumen. This one protects the external auditory canal and is evacuated towards outside. When it reaches the entry, it can be cleaned without danger.
For general public of many means are at disposal:
- A misuse of the padded stick tends to push back secretions towards the tympanum. The cerumen while hardening can contribute to the creation of stopper.
- Water and the soap make it possible to wash the house and the entry of the external conduit. There are also sprays in the trade. - The cure ear sold in pharmacy is a good tool: practical, hygienic, economic. It is about a short stem finished by an oval ring.
- More rarely, one will be able to choose the auricular candle according to Hopi Indians'. It is a hollow beeswax candle made on a cotton fabric. By being consumed the depression carefully aspires auricular secretions towards outside.