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The assessment
The assessment audiphonolgic, a genuine check-up, includes :


- a hearing test which highlights if you hear correctly all the frequencies, your auditive laterality as well as the good or faulty operation of your aerial/bone listening.

      - personalized report relating to your life, experiences and the context of your request.  
    A personalized program
The assessment makes it possible to detect the distortions which show if the subject perceives the sounds in a deformed way, and how he or she hears their own voice.

:: WHY?
:: HOW?

A specific and personally adapted program will be adapted which will determine the progression of your own course.


The trainee is then subjected to an intensive training using music modified with an electronic ear. They are at the same time passive and/or active sessions of listening (to improve retro-vocal control). - This also makes it possible to reach the listening posture which also determines the posture of the body. > to find out more


to you

The follow up
A stress will be put on the personalization of the training course and the teaching accompaniment :

      - at the time of the listening sessions and the follow-up tests (to listen to your feelings, to answer your questions, to give you points of reflexion to allow you to understand and assimilate).  
      - during the audio-vocal sessions or when using exercises (posture, voice... etc), the trainee will be able to feel and to adapt the new posture of listening and expression.  

This follow-up also makes it possible to reorientate and adapt permanently the programming of each person.




The selectivity:
Experiments show that certain children, skilful in all subjects but hopeless in English, are in fact deaf to this language, because of an auditive selection particularly "narrow''. One can release them from this "deafness" in teaching them to hear as an English person hears.