LA VOIX DE SON OREILLE: Tomatis Center, course of languages, listening & voice, communication, trainings, well-being... for any personalized council:
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The Tomatis Center Perpignan Roussillon Catalogne is in a splendid area of the south of France.


Between Mediterranean and Pyrenean mountain, rich in history and linguistic mixtures : French, Spanish, Catalan and more and more English.
The Perpignan-Mediterranean agglomeration, in full revival, is the epicentre. The newspaper L' Expansion of May 2005 classifies Perpignan, among 60 cities, the second most dynamic town of France economically.

The center is directed by Michel BORDES who, thanks to a multi-field formation, acquired complementary and convergent experiences to apply under very good conditions the method tomatis, a method recognized in the whole world for its results.



Thus, we propose personal attention and a personalized training course in a centre of human size.

Stress will be put on teaching accompaniment during the sessions of listening and the follow-up tests : to answer your questions, to give you lines of reflexions to allow you to understand and assimilate.

There will be the same for audio-vocal sessions. Exercises (posture, voice), which prolong and consolidate the work achieved under electronic ear.


The trainee will be able develope towards a hold of autonomy and to become the actor of his evolution.


 Our approach is based on the elements which follow:

  Trainings and diplomas of the director  Experiences gained  Know how implemented in the center

Psychopedagogie :

School teacher

10 years:
Educational monitor, teacher

Use of the psychological and teaching tools within the framework of a personalized follow-up.

Languages :

Degree and Masters in French and foreign language

Bilingual family immersion (French - Gascon)

Catalan English Spanish

Application of the methods (linguistic, phonetic corrective.etc.) for the installation of the modules.

Music :

Classical guitar / Saxophone and jazz ( Paris , Barcelona )

10 years:
artist musician and pedagogue

(spinal-cord and air, breathing, posture, tension/relaxation.)


Knowledge of musical practice, the stage and the artistic environment allowing to locate blockings and to have an adapted pedagogy.

Audio-psycho-phonology :

Tomatis Consultant Certified Paris

Center opened 2002
Language modules
Listening and voice course
Personal development


Application of the method with personalized interest and availability for an effectiveness for each one of your cases.

Personal development:


Tomatis Course
Various training courses of the psycho-body type with didactics
Practice of yoga.

10 years:
application in the teaching relation (phenomena of resistance and tranferentiality , the relation of confidence, the discovery of new potentialities and the positive repercussions in daily life).

Takeing into account the globality of the person, the context in which he evolves for a better work on listening and posture. .


The center works in collaboration with a team of experts in their field:
professor of languages (graduates and natives),
professor of music (song, saxophone *, piano, guitar.),
ORL, osteopath, naturopath.

* possibility of course in the center : > to know more