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To give you some lines of reflexion, here is a nonexhaustive list of the demonstrations due to problems of listening :

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In foreign languages

•  I can read and write but I have difficulty with the oral   examination
•  I have difficulty in differentiating the sound from the syllables   (phonemes)
•  I have difficulty with the pronunciation
•  I do not manage to reproduce the melody (or the rhythm)
  of words, sentences
•  I do not understand the spoken language

In daily life, with me and/or with others

•  I need to ask to repeat frequently
•  I often say "what ?" in a conversation
•  I have the impression not to understand sometimes
•  I badly interpret what one says to me
•  I do not pay any attention to what one says to me (parents,   spouse.)
•  I do not take part in conversations with my close relations
•  I have difficulty to express ideas
•  I have difficulties in following and taking part in conversations in noisy environments
•  I have difficulty sleeping, I very often use ear plugs
•  High pitches disturb me
•  I have the impression "of being saturated" by the low pitches

In training situation and/or at work

•  I have a slow , hesitant, badly articulated speech
•  I reverse syllables, words
•  I often confuses the right-hand side and the left
•  I have difficulty in concentrating
•  I often day dream
•  I need to have instructions repeated
•  I have difficulty to retain what I learn
•  I have to work very hard to learn
•  I have not very clear ideas
•  I do not have energy and motivation

With my voice and/or my instrument

•  When I must express myself in public
   I lose all my means
•  My voice does not carry
•  After my courses, my voice is tired
•  I need to listen to music loud
•  I have problems of sound, accuracy, rhythm or dexterity
•  When I play (sing), I am tense, I "am contracted"
  "That tires me"
•  When I must play ( sing) in a group or in public
   I do not control any more what I do (accuracy, installation)
•  I play (sing) loudly and do not listen to the other musicians    (singers)
•  I hear too much or not enough the low pitches or the acute    ones.