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  Taught languages  

English, French Foreign Language, Spanish, Catalan, etc.


The number and the choice of the modules are given at the time of the linguistic assessment according to the test of listening, of the starting level and the objectives to be reached.

"Opening" stage: 20 hours of listening
"Starting" stage: 20h : 14h of listening
+ 6h of course
"Cruising" stage: 20h : 10h of listening
+ 10h of course
"Control" stage: 20h : 6h of listening
+ 14h of course


:: WHY?
:: HOW?

The professors of languages, all graduates, native and are experienced.


The Module "Cruising" is the module which is composed the standard training course. All the modules are compatible and cumulable between them.
A formula to measure can be also proposed.


Payment aid


Possibility of payment aid within the framework of profesional training (AFDAS for intermittent the and permanents of the stage and the audio-visual) or of the vocational training, all branches of industry (Center of formation approved).



 Our +

  Our Characteristics  Our Advantages  Validations
•Innovative technique taking account of competences of listening of learner and the acoustic characteristics from the learned language. > Effectiveness of the method
Saving of time of 50%:
> Reduction of effort of concentration and tiredness

These results were validated by a study of the EEC in 7 European universities (Socrates program).
•Saving of time, sharpened capacity.

and unique! > Originality No other method does that!
> Improves the musculature of the middle ear

Laws validated by the Academies of Science and Medicine of Paris.
World network.
Integrated into the public office in certain countries.

Our Center of languages


•Convergence of methods:
. psychopedagogy
. foreign language
. music (classical, jazz)
. audio-phonology

> Competences
several axes complementary to work
Diplomas and long professional experiences in each field: School teacher, Musician, Licence and Masters Degree in French as a foreign Language, Certified Tomatis Consultant.
•Accompaniment, follow up.
(personalization of the method, greater comfort, positive repercussions.)
•…quality !
> an interlocutor at your disposition

(reception, speech training, vocal audio - pedagogy).

. and a powerful team
•A boost inrelation to listening and the oral expression.
•Training and teaching testimonys.
(it is astonishing!)

•All the professors, natives and graduates and are experienced.
•Flexible hours > Adaptability
flexibility according to your timetable
•Several formulas, immersion the weekend or the holidays (foreigners, trainees coming from adjacent departments or on short stay).
•Cost > Optimization of the time and the cost of the formations •Reduction of time, better results.
•Payment aid for vocational training.
•Buildings with human size > Comfort and accessibility •Close to train station TGV, close to airport navette, carparks.