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Some questions,
more frequently posed


Do the sessions help to have a better hearing?
The sessions allow an improvement of listening. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is the perceptive capacity of the ear. Listening is what the subject makes of its hearing (to be compared with seeing and looking).
There will be no repair of hearing for any irreversible lesion of a physical, neurological or different nature of one of the various parts of the ear.
On the other hand, these sessions allow, whatever the case, to optimize the use of the potential of listening.


What do the sessions consist of ?
They are sessions of passive and/or active listening. During these sessions, I listen to "worked over again" music, drawn from the repertory of Mozart and the Gregorian chant.
The music is then modified according to a program personalized with an Electronic Ear. I receive the sound using a headphone with an arrival of the sound by air and bone.


What is an Electronic Ear?
The Electronic Ear for "Tomatis Purpose" makes it possible to modify the sound supports. Connected to the entry with a sound source (tape, CD), it is connected to the exit with a specific headphone making it possible to differentiate air and bone conductions.
This electronic instrument treats the sound signal which enters using a to and fro movement (discontinuous contraction of the musculature of the middle ear), delays (to adapt to another manner of listening) and filters.
It also allows, at the exit, adjustments specific to the two modes of conduction, and to induce effects required within the framework of listening, language, training of foreign languages.

  What is a passive session?
During the sessions of passive listening, you listen to supports modified according to your personalized program. They have a variable duration between 1h and 2h. This time will appear increasingly short to you. It is a time for you, of relaxation and of anti-stress. It is not worth while to focus your attention, work is done "in spite of you". One can even sleep. One can also let the mind rove, draw or make puzzles. On the other hand reading or writing is not advised.

What is an active session?
They are sessions where you have exercises speaking out loud and/or singing exercises, paying attention to your posture, into a microphone connected to the Electronic Ear. The adjustments are those of the progression of your program. You still listen to yourself through headphones, which allows the integration of the new manner of listening to and of controlling your voice (retro-vocal control). This also makes it possible to reach the posture of listening, in close connection with the posture of the body.


What is the rhythm of the sessions?
It takes a certain time of stimulation, a sufficiently constant rhythm so that the brain records in a durable way a change of perception (law of remanence).
The sessions allow an intensive rhythm, where the sessions can be daily. This rhythm is however flexible according to the application (languages, listening and voice. etc), the subject and his/her motivation.
The sessions are in alternation with shorter periods of interruption. It is a phase of integration, time necessary for the brain to construct change.


Which sound supports does one use?
The supports are not those of commerce but supports "worked over again" to produce the effects of the Tomatis method and to profit from the functions of the Electronic Ear.


Why use Mozart and the Gregorian chant ?
Mozart produced a universal work which, on the one hand is appropriate on subjects of different ethnique and cultural origin, and on the other hand the structure of which allows the subject to restore interior balance.
Indeed its music has a very good balance between the three parameters: the rhythm (the body), the harmony (the emotions) and the melody (the intellectual). In other music or musical styles, one of its three parameters is very often prevalent.
The Gregorian chant is not a measured music and does not have a regular pulsation but comes close to the rate of respiration. It contains the frequencies of the human voice, allows a quiet and pleasing breathing and is appeasing, with a state of serene vigilance.


Which supports for foreign languages?
The supports have primarily linguistic contents even if one can punctually have recourse to musical supports at the beginning of progression to cover all the sound spectrum. The supports are always in accordance with the language learned, the country, and the personalized program. This is established according to competence of listening, one's level and the linguistic contents.


How do I measure my progression?
You pass a test of listening followed by a maintenance approximately every 15 hours. This makes it possible to evaluate the changes, recieve your observations, and to explain to you what occurs according to the test and from experience.
For the foreign Languages the professor of languages evaluates also the linguistic evolution of the subject in relation to the learning progression.
These follow-ups and evaluations are profitable exchanges making it possible to reorientate and adapt permanently the programming of each one.


What it is the difference between air conduction and bone conduction?
To simplify, air conduction corresponds on arrival of the sound on the auricle of the ear by outside, the air.
Bone conduction is the arrival of the sound by the bone frame of which the skull.


What is filtering?
Filtering consists in removing sound support of the frequencies (the low pitches towards the high pitches). Filtering up to 4000 Htz makes it possible to work on quite precise zones (body functions, language...etc.).
Beyond that, one approaches listening in utero which does not mean that the fotus does not hear the low registers. The work of these zones amongst other things allows the dynamization and the stimulation of the analysis.